Tuesday, September 21, 2010

there are no words...

...not yet at least. we are home for a few days before we jet off to maui but i wanted to say thank you for the well wishes and blog love! it was all we ever could have asked for and more. here is a taste that our photographer sent to us giddy at 2am after the wedding...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

here it comes

the out of town guests have begun arriving.
the shopping lists are complete.
nails and waxing happens tomorrow.
the seating cards are complete.
the favors are complete.
the vendors are confirmed.
the checks have been written.
the shoes are broken in.
the mother in law to be is here.
the grandma's land in the morning.

in three says we get married and i'm buzzing - i dont know how i'm expected to sleep between now and then - there is so much and so many people to be up for.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 days to go

as most of you have have gone through this already know that this time is just nuts. we're on the phone all the time, we're emailing lists, we're making trips to drop off furniture and props and buying insane quantities of booze from across state lines where there isn't sales tax (woohoo!) and just exhausted in general.

some things are going wrong, some problems are bigger than others, and some stresses are bigger than others. we've found ourselves drinking much more than normal - which i can only assume is to be expected after these long crazy days to relax with a bottle of wine together - we laugh and wonder if all wedding planning couples go through wine like we do, we like to assume they do.

today, i am focusing on the fact that we already have our marriage license, we got it a few weeks ago, so if all else fails we will still be getting married in 10 days. here is our photo from city hall.