Thursday, October 29, 2009

blog love

guess what? I was sent an award from wedding blog friend Stacy! Who knew a girl could be so happy to have blog friends?!I'm to pass it on to 10 bloggers and tell you all 10 things about me. Is this the blogger's chain letter? You betcha!

here are my blog friends (shucks I don't yet have 10 and they all seem to have the award already!)

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and some daily reads

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ten things with no particular importance or order

1. I'm currently in school for graphic design while working full time
2. I love antiques, thrift stores, and consignments shops
3. My family is from Wisconsin so any time I see someone wearing a Wisconsin jersey of any kind i say "Go Pack Go!" with a smile as I walk by
4. One of my best friends got married in Vegas last weekend - amazing.
5. I'm obsessed with my new niece, Kate
6. I moved back to Boston with Mike after living in LA for 6 years and miss our LA friends every day
7. I work from home and sport a uniform of yoga pants and a hoodie on most days
8. I used to design and build movie sets, and loved it
9. I collect old cameras (among other things)
10. Mike used to tell me he was gonna marry me someday after too many drinks long before we started dating

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

dress dilemma

im sure im not the first, but i am having some major post purchase dress stress. like wake up in the morning and think "did i really just have a dream about a wedding dress?" stress. i really dont think im a bridezilla, and im not a fashionista or a clothes hound or anything. im a pretty normal jeans and t-shirt wearing girl.

so, when i started dress shopping i did what most blog obsessed bride to be's do. I found the dresses i've been drooling over on line in a few boutiques, tried them on and quickly discovered that the ones i thought i loved didn't work for me. with that out of the way i could try on freely without any expectations. I discovered early on that, one - all bridal gowns are beautiful and therefore look beautiful on, and two - there is a lot more bling on everything than it looks like through the computer monitor.

Anywho after a few boutiques, lots of dresses, and very few in the maybe pile Mom and I headed to David's to make some major progress in the hunt. I tried on at least a dozen, and in the midst it happened. A dress that I pulled from a section other than the one i was searching in, just because i likes the detail, made me feel beautiful. I found myself dancing up and down the corridor of mirrors, imagining the flowy gown against the green fields of the farm where our wedding is going to be. It wasn't what i was looking for, it isnt what i expected and I don't have any idea if it is "me."

It's a preview gown so I can't find any photos to obsess over on the web, and to top it all off i feel like i am being constantly judged by other friends who are getting married with unlimited budgets and are having couture one of a kind gowns made just for them. It makes me want to cry, it makes me feel like David's is a dirty word,and more than anything, second guess my dress.

Is it just because it isn't what i expected? Why am i having such a hard time with this? Whenever i put it on i'm a happy girl- does everyone second guess?

Friday, October 16, 2009


Inspired by new blog friend Stacy of You Can't Take it With You, I thought i would share the images from the event that started us off on this journey. Mike and I both lived in Los Angeles for 5 or 6 years and we share groups of friends because we went to college together and were friends for a long time before we dated. This March we visited LA for the first time together since we moved home to Boston. We planned a big dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Cholo (let's be honest Mexican food on the East Coast just doesn't compare.) We had 14 of our dearest around us and the night was fabulous and memorable and a celebration as it was.

Mike has a tradition of making speaches at big dinners like these, usually after a few cocktails of course, finding a way to say something about everyone at the table with humor and sentimentality. When he stood up for his speech this time he was a little more nervous than usual, he stumbled over his words a bit, and said something along the lines of "...there is still something missing, and what is missing is that Kristy is not my wife." Apparently all of our friends were aware of the events because they had cameras at the ready and the documentation is something i cherish so much today that i can't imagine how valuable the images will become with time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pulling the trigger

i had a very productive wedding planning weekend. i gocco'd our save the dates with only a few tears for fear of inadequacy...i'm pretty proud of them and more importantly mike likes them a lot. what i fear might be viewed as amateur he thinks is authentic, and really handmade is exactly what the initial goal was way back when. for all first time gocco users, be prepared to freak out and think you did it wrong and then burn a second screen and think you did it wrong again until you try to print it and realize it was fine in the first place. at least that was my experience. the original paper stuck to the screen in some places and the ink from the photocopy hung on much more than i expected - but don't freak out. It probably worked, and remember if you wanted it to look perfect you would have used your inkjet printer in the first place.
here they are, thoughts? (if you say anything other than they are great i will of course cry)

ps. i also did flowers arrangement trials this weekend, i know holy productive, i'll talk about that some more when i get a hold of the photos.

Friday, October 9, 2009

talk about the wedding viral that took over the world...

Do you get paid when The Office spoofs your wedding entrance? or are you simply proud youve made such an impression on the world of weddings...

The Office - Forever

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

highs and lows

just as i want to break down in tears because it all is much more expensive than we can afford i received sample ceremonies, reading and prayers from our (hopefully) officiant and can't stop smiling and holding back tears of the non stressed out kind - now this is what its all about.

Friday, October 2, 2009

we got married in a fever

more lovers to live up to...June Carter and Johnny Cash

Thursday, October 1, 2009

...for the full affect..

whichgoose, maker of my beloved hippie crowns has posted this uber hippie video...

only problem now is I'm thinking I should wear my mom's dress, it fits the hippie mood much better than mine - oh what to do what to do!