Friday, August 28, 2009

oh no!

I like this too! Damn you Style Me Pretty and your endless supply of pretty things!

words to live by

brilliant advice of the day, via East Side Bride

"Your wedding is not a photo shoot."

invitations, save the dates and paper products of all kinds

Since Mike and I have lots of friends in LA (we both used to live there) we are getting married next September - plenty of time for them to look for flights and get time off - we're not accepting any accuses other than family emergencies or poverty for lack of attendance. With said time to prepare we also want to notify everyone super early - meaning that one of the things on the top of my to-do list is to make the Save the Dates (as i recently told my friend Sue I can't use the STD abbreviation without giggling.)

Part of why Mike and I are such a good match is because of our similar musical taste -might seem trite but it's true . Therefore the inspiration for invitations has always been something with a musical reference - concert tickets, Hatch Show Print posters, and album covers have all passed through the inspiration pipeline. Here's some of the visuals...

yep - another one

As a recently engaged - wedding blog obsessed girl I found myself needing yet another outlet to vent in - so here we are. I love twoifbysee for my daily creative inspiration and my stint at figure drawing that led to this little showcase - but here i hope to keep a diary to myself, a true diary of the day to day, ups and downs and stresses and breakthroughs of a girl planning a wedding amongst many many of her friends and seemingly the whole world. This is where i suspect i will tell myself publicly and repeatedly to chill out.