Friday, August 28, 2009

invitations, save the dates and paper products of all kinds

Since Mike and I have lots of friends in LA (we both used to live there) we are getting married next September - plenty of time for them to look for flights and get time off - we're not accepting any accuses other than family emergencies or poverty for lack of attendance. With said time to prepare we also want to notify everyone super early - meaning that one of the things on the top of my to-do list is to make the Save the Dates (as i recently told my friend Sue I can't use the STD abbreviation without giggling.)

Part of why Mike and I are such a good match is because of our similar musical taste -might seem trite but it's true . Therefore the inspiration for invitations has always been something with a musical reference - concert tickets, Hatch Show Print posters, and album covers have all passed through the inspiration pipeline. Here's some of the visuals...

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