Tuesday, June 22, 2010

wedding 3 of 4 before our big day...

this weekend's wedding was a big one in our summer of weddings for a few reasons. first - i was in the wedding party which we all know means dress, hair, and a myriad of duties on and around the wedding. second - it was mike's sister's wedding.

mike's sister and i have been planning weddings simultaneously for the last year plus. at first i thought it would be a huge emotional issue - you know; two parties all the same people so close together; competition; sharing spotlights - all that good stuff... but the process was actually pretty great. we couldn't be two more different brides and ally also lives and works up in maine where we are having our celebration so she has been an amazing help throughout the vendor selection process and the planning in general.

well, ally worked her butt off planning and organizing a perfect day, so much so that we worried she may not be able to relax and actually enjoy her day - but boy was i wrong. it couldnt have been more perfect, she was STUNNING, the day was beautiful (a touch on the hot side but no complaints except from the boys in the monkey suits,) and everything went off without a hitch resulting in a fabulous wedding from start to finish.
one of the interesting things, as i am about to become a member of this family, is that i felt for the first time like i was at a wedding in my own family. i found comfort and so so much fun in actually knowing all of the guests, dancing with future uncle-in-laws and father-in-laws and cousin-in-laws.

as the event coincided with our 3 months to go mark and the time when we can actually celebrate without feeling like we are stepping on toes or stealing thunder i couldnt be happier - i am elated about the family i am inheriting, all of the smiling faces so excited to watch us wed in 3 months and accept me as a part of the family while i was celebrating the day along side them. what really made me warm and fuzzy inside is the fact that i truly bonded with my future sister-in-law over the last few days. between riding along as she made all of the final checks the day before, helping to entertain family, documenting the preparation process and being so intimately involved in making sure the brides day, photos, hair, feet, lip gloss, dress, and bathroom breaks were tended too i dont know how i couldnt feel close to her. i was so happy to be there for her and to know that i helped to make her dream wedding go perfectly in some small ways.
oh yeah - and aside from all the gushy family and emotional stuff we also learned and saw a lot this weekend because of the said overlap.

we are renting the same tent for our reception - it's amazing! i never thought i'd get excited about a tent but it's so bright and clean and elegant i'm really excited.

our florist created the florals and tablescape for the rehearsal dinner - also gorgeous and now i'm even more excited to work with him!

we will be having the same officiant, and it was just nice to spend more time with her before our wedding, she doesn't feel like such a stranger any more which is really great.

a few things that we know we need to work on after this weekend:

transportation - we have only rented one trolley and after riding in them this weekend we learned they carry fewer passengers than we thought (sitting at least) so we will have to suck it up and get a second one.

bugs - i was eaten alive at the reception and luckily we will be on private property so a bug bomb the day of is not out of the question.

ceremony seating - mike was an usher and as the job description states had the duty of showing all of the guests their seats. well, since the first rows that were designated for family were not marked or roped off he had to ask frail old great aunt edith to move back a row so the mother of the bride could sit which isn't ideal - we'll be putting some place cards on VIP seats or roping off the first few rows i think to prevent any shuffle.

head table - we already knew we didnt want one but this just reconfirmed it. the table was empty most of the night as we hovered over the friends or dates we really wanted to be with.

there is more but those are the biggies, and now we're off to really get this wedding planned! invitations are half stuffed and ready to go pictures to come soon!


  1. That's great that you had a nice time and learned a few things for your upcoming wedding!

  2. Sounds like a great wedding. Love that photo of the bride - she looks so happy. That tent is AMAZING!!!

  3. It sounds like a beautiful day, and it was almost like a run through for you and Mike too!

  4. Oh my, how exciting! What fun. That tent is so cool looking! And the bride looked great. You are getting so close!

    Funny...everyone thought I wouldn't be able to relax on my day either and I ended up being anxious for sure but not stressed. I didn't let anything get to me at all.

    And I think marking off seats is totally necessary...it's a great idea and can also be a simple and yet pretty/fun added decor piece.