Tuesday, October 26, 2010

getting ready

i had such a perfect quiet wedding morning.

my hairdresser came to the suite to pretty us up around 11 am so i had plenty of time to get myself up and ready for the day before she arrived. it was just my sister, my mother, my best friend andrea (also my make up artist) and myself. it was intimate, peaceful, and such fun girl time. i also love that my mom and sister got to spend some time with andrea, she is an LA friend and doesnt get a lot of exposure to my family so seeing the three of them chit chatting and playing with hair and makeup together made me such a happy girl.
andrea works in fashion, she brought me a piece of lace trim from her show room to add some bridal-ness to my hair and i used one of my mom's antique broaches with a clip on it as a fascinator. i love how it came out. it was soft and romantic without being over the top, just enough of something special to make me feel like a bride.
i love this last photo of us in my dad's car en route to the farm for the wedding. i love our matching robes, the three blondes squeezed in the back like kids, and the down to earthness of us all piled in the back of my dad's car. it kept the day real and me here on earth rather than in never never big production bride land.

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