Sunday, February 14, 2010

it just keeps raining...waiting for the rainbows

ok, i know that this is supposed to be an outlet for wedding planning and sharing this common experience we are all going through, but i can't help but share what has been going on in my life that has put the focus of wedding planning into perspective.

as you may have guessed by this post, we lost a very dear friend a week or so ago. one of mike's best friends, someone that i have been so close with for the last 11 years, someone that was to do a reading at our wedding (i guess i'm still compelled to put it into that context for you) that we will now have to find a way to honor respectfully without turning our celebration into another memorial. it's a very sad time but we have a lot of great friends that we are able to mourn with and heal with and remember with, therefore we are blessed.

with this wound still so raw i was laid off yesterday, without notice, after working for the company for 5 years and with no severance package to speak of.

none of this is good, but it shines a light on the good stuff i have in my partner in life. every bump along the road brings us closer together and i am just so grateful to have him, to take care of him, to let him take care of me, and for the two of us to buck up together and continue to take on what the world dishes out. there are good things on the horizon, i am free of a life where i struggled to get out of bed in the morning, now we can begin creating our happily every after.

i predict that i may go a little DIY crazy with all this free time, so i hope it means i will have lots of great things to share with you all! thanks for listening, xoxo


  1. ahhh... we are finally all caught up now, aren't we? funny how life happens this way. all of us having shit thrown at us at the same time. and you're right, it only brings you guys closer. we may be old & crotchety already, but we can get through it all. i know we can :)
    happy valentines/anniversary/first sunday of the rest of your life! it's pretty cool when you think of it that way. love u tons xx

  2. Oh Kristy, I'm so sorry to hear all of that. GChat me any time you need an ear my friend. I'm so glad you have Mike you so all can support each other through this.

  3. So sorry you are going through all this lady! Hang in there and know that you can share whatever you want on this blog!