Saturday, February 20, 2010

wild flower wedding

so. i met with a florist today. as much as i felt pushed into hiring a pro by a mother that simply had no faith that i could do it myself and really just didnt want to help, i am so relieved i did. i LOOOVE him.

keith of floral concepts in ogunquit maine not only totally understands my vision, he added some great elements, endless ideas, and is even letting me go with him to the flower market before the event to pick out the flowers together. i mean, for a girl that really wants to DIY but doesnt want a melt down on her wedding morning over table arrangements i dont know if it gets much better, someone is taking charge yet i am still totally involved. it's a great feeling. i owe a lot to sue and her great florist experience for the ability to let go of a little control.

here is what i brought with me to help illustrate my vision. (I'm sorry I've been collecting for so long i have no idea where the images came from originally)
here are some of the great ideas keith threw out there:

- there is a local vendor that will fill my vintage ball jars and milk jars with wax and wicks in the color of my choosing so that i can add color with my candle light and have the jars be heavy enough to not have to deal with adding sand or stones - genius? it's basically custom candles

- edible flowers and herbs for centerpieces and the buffet table, and possibly the cake...mmmm chamomile

- a ceremony aisle sprinkled with fragrant orange marigold heads rather than rose petals

- birch trees wrapped with white light bound to the supports of the tent for atmosphere and light

i mean really.

(p.s. that's not my dress but it does look very very very similar)


  1. that sounds like a floristry dream! love the pictures, your bouquets will look gorgeous!

  2. Wow! Be sure to take pics of the flower market when the time comes! Thats going to be such a great experience overall!

  3. birch trees with white lights - I'm in.

    P.s. That dress is killer!

  4. That sounds awesome! I love the wildflower bouquet look too and I too had to deal with a mother who was no impressed that I wanted to DIY my bouquet. But I decided we simply didn't have it in the budget to go with a florist and honestly, none of the ones in my area are as cool as yours sounds so I'm still happy to be doing it myself although I know it's going to be a crazy amount of stress. All of his ideas sound so great, especially the marigold heads for the ceremony and the birch trees!

  5. I'm SO HERE right now!! What I'm doing is hiring a florist-on-the-side person who is awesome. I am also a wildflower fan... thanks for your blog and keep it up!

  6. Hi, I just found your blog during my search for florists in Ogunquit. I'm fiance and I are getting married in Ogunquit a year from now, and i'm hoping to keep the flowers as cheap as possible...and to have wild flowers. just like you i also want to be involved in the arrangements and have a sense of DIY to it. Could you pass along that florist's contact? I would really appreciate the help! It's so fun to find a bride that's working around the same area. :)