Monday, April 5, 2010

map II...etc

thanks for the feedback ladies - I'm very happy with the results, check it out:

I realize i've been a little m.i.a. lately but it's because of anticipation and preparation, there is lots in the works...

...on wednesday i go to LA for my first official bridal celebrations, (hooray!) shoe shopping, and dress shopping for the rehearsal dinner and the 4 other weddings we are attending this summer. i will also be spending time with my future mother in law in the OC to check out her dress and spend some qt with her before the whirl wind of events commences (she has a daughter and a son getting married this summer after all.)

i have also recently ordered all of the supplies to make candles out of my vintage mason jars ( a project my sister is helping with on her spring break in a few weeks), designed all of the invitations (still procrastinating printing,) and started buying shower gifts for the aforementioned additional celebrations. i promise to share stories and photos from the shower and girlie activities this weekend and i'm sure with all of these new projects and hurdles will come lots more questions, sharing, and discussions...i'm going to think of this time as not having been m.i.a. but rather the ebb before high tide comes in and transitions into hurricane season!