Sunday, July 11, 2010

mad men bridal shower

my sisters and mother threw me my shower today, a mad men, 60's housewife themed brunch. though there were some minor hiccups- like my mom being on crutches the result of a minor bike accident - it was a really fun day. it was at my parents house and since a lot of the guests were the women in mike's family i thought it was really nice, there is something almost old fashioned about inviting my new family into my mother's home, the home i grew up in.
the girls out did themselves offering and belini's and mimosa's in vintage glassware, and a goodie bag full of vintage candy classics like wax bottles, necco wafers, lemonheads and candy cigarettes.

there was the perfect balance of games (just the toilet paper bride and a age guessing game with childhood photos of me) food, chit chat, and of course sitting around the bride to be while she opens mountains of gifts...i do not exaggerate...mountains. we received such thoughtful gifts and nice things for our home, and only one instance of tears. my sister gave me an engraved locket like the one i gave her for her shower, i wanted her to have something special to pass down through the generations and she returned the favor, we're such saps!

i had super cute outfit as well but i dont have any pictures yet - will be sure to post when i do!

(ps. my sister designed the invite's too - isn't she talented?!)


  1. Those invites are SO neat. What an awesome shower. And I love the gift your sister gave you - you two are so sweet!

  2. that locket is such a sweet thought, glad you had a great time!

  3. OMG this is a genius idea!!!!!!!! I love that show!!!!!!!!

  4. Sounds great! Can't wait to see the pics!

  5. What a cute idea for a shower, and the candy sounds like such a clever touch!

  6. Love the theme and the invitations :)