Friday, August 13, 2010

for the girls

i'm so excited about the gifts i found for my might remember i got them each a necklace to wear during the wedding but wanted to get them something special and just for them as well (meaning not a self serving wedding necessity that seconds as a gift.)
i kept thinking about getting them some sort of sexy or silky robe and then i stumbled upon etsy seller plumprettysugar and my dreams were answered. i was able to get each girl (and myself) a different beautiful short summer robe. the patterns of the soft cotton fabrics are just beautiful and so unique. i received them in the mail yesterday and have to admit i'm wearing mine already. i hope they like them as much as i do!

now to figure out what to get the guys. we are having such a hard time trying to think of something thats not a throw away gift to give them. any suggestions? what did you get your guys?


  1. Honestly...we had a hard time with the guys, too. We ended up going with the best gift that can't go wrong: money! We gifted each guy a pair of argyle socks to wear on the wedding day along with a gift certificate tucked into each pair. The gift certificates were to stores specific to each of their liking. Like for one of Mr Fix It's brothers who is a professional fisherman, we got a gift cert to a fishing/bait store. For one who is a pro skiier and runner, we got a gift cert to a sporting goods store. This was somewhat personal but guaranteed they would actually use it for something they wanted. We also through in some little mints, bottled water and a deck of playing cards with the gift box to keep them occupied on the wedding day :)

  2. yeah - that's one idea we keep come back to as well, personalized gift cards but it seems so impersonal...i like how you "dressed them up" a bit with the little extras...i may just follow suit!