Friday, May 14, 2010

get up for my girls

we are having a small wedding party to keep a simple feel to the day, keep the organization of all the bodies simple, and in all honesty keep the choosing between friends simple. we decided to basically just have our siblings stand by our sides when we say i do. my sister, his sister, my sister in law, my brother, his brother, and his boyhood friend. pretty easy.

since we have such small parties i thought i would pick a color range on J.Crew for the girls and let them decide which dresses they want since i'm not into matchy-matchy so much and the hodgepodge look would support the relaxed feel we are trying to create for our day. well, turns out when everyone is trying to be polite no one makes a move or at least thats what happened with us, so we ordered a few dresses for my sister to try on (matron of honor) and decided we liked one - done. had the girls order, they all seem to be cool with it, they weren't a fortune, and they dont need alterations! hooray!

this is what they are wearing, the much fallen back upon by brides throughout the blogosphere - the silk chiffon juliette from j.crew.

so, now that they all have the same dress i decided i was going to use jewelry to add a pop of color to the blank palette and use it as an opportunity to give them each something a little different. through three separate vendors on etsy i found three necklaces that are all very similar, have a vintage and handmade feel, but are all different.

from esty vendors sora designs, botanical bird, and aphrodite888. nice huh? i am really happy with each of them, i think the one with the blue will go to my sister to set her apart a little. the overall image is starting to come together now isn't it? very exciting stuff.

now i need to decide what else to get them. i was thinking about different cardigans since it will be september, or wraps, and then there is purses, but maybe i shouldnt give them another "wedding thing" what do you think? what are you giving your girls for gifts? are you giving them wedding accessories as a part of their gift? is that mean? should i give them something completely for them? i feel like when i have participated in weddings in the past i have had a mix, undies/cami sets, jewelry, nips, eye masks and pj's - i guess i'm just kinda stuck. i'd love to hear what you all are doing for some ideas!


  1. I think the jewelry is enough for a gift if it's their taste. If it's more your taste than theirs, maybe something fun like nips if you know they'd like them.

    Also wraps are pretty practical for a September wedding, depending on what part of the country you're in!

  2. I really like the dress and the jewelry you picked out for them! I also like the idea of a wraps for a gift. They are so pretty and can be used over and over again. So far I have gotten them clutches, but they are smaller than I would have liked (ordered them from etsy) so might get them something else too

  3. I'm giving mine just about the full outfit, I'm getting them all different jewellery to suit their tastes (I hope!), but they have matching dresses, wraps, hairclips, and I want to make them clutch bags too. oh an shoes.

    I love your dress though, I love grey with pops of colour too :)

  4. Those dresses are so adorable and the jewelry is totally cute with each one! I gave my girls necklaces and jewelry rolls (they could use the roll for the wedding but also use it again whenever they travel). They were silk and affordable at $12 each on I also gave them a parasol to use as a prop at the wedding and a cutesy black satin padded hanger with their initial on it to hang their dresses at for the wedding.

    So I guess my stuff was all wedding related. But my sister gave us embroidered tote bags at her wedding which I use ALL the time! She also gave us beach towels as a gift which she gave us at the bachelorette party which was a spa weekend. Just some different things that they will use for a long time and at different times.

  5. Love the dress and the necklaces.

    I bought my girls their dresses, pearl earrings, the headbands they wore at the wedding, their wrist corsages & bridesmaid hoodies.

    I think it was a bit of overkill! I'd be happy with one of those necklaces if I was your bridesmaid.