Thursday, November 11, 2010

the florals

today i got to spend some time with our florist, keith of floral concepts, who is using an image from our wedding for a bridal show this weekend and thought it appropriate to show you guys what he did to bring our day to life.
what are those amazing dangling things around the center poles of the tent? it was a combination of birch trees and hops - yep hops. when our florist found out mike brewed his own beer he had the idea and it was just perfect. it was whimsical, unique, perfectly us, and even fragrant. our guests got a kick out of it.
these gorgeous wreaths were used as decorations on the windows of the restaurant at our out of town dinner the night before, and then worked perfectly on the barn doors. a combination of hops, hydrangea, persimmons ( they looked like green tomatoes) and pine cones. the wreaths, now dried out are still as beautiful and decorate the entry way and pub of mike's family's hotel.
i dont have any great photos of the girl's bouquets yet but i do have a story for you about mine. they were a combination of dahlias, mums, various pods, eucalyptus leaves, and the peach peony looking flowers are actually a type of rose - aren't they gorgeous?

anywho. someone took my bridal bouquet. we had used the bouquets to decorate the buffet table and forgot to take them with us in the craziness of the end of the evening. when we returned the next day to do some cleaning and pick up the remaining decorations and flowers the bridesmaids bouquets were both there but mine was nowhere to be seen. mom hadn't seen it. mike's uncle hadn't seen it. no one at the hotel had seen it. as i walked the place the tent stood the night before and tried to be reasonable..."it's only flowers, not a big deal, you weren't gonna keep them forever, you have a million mementos from the day, etc. etc." i remembered seeing a photo of one of my girlfriends (crazy girlfriends) on facebook with my bouquet earlier in the morning. feeling a little accusatory and bitchy i gave her a call just to see if she had seen it. what do you know? she took it. she thought it was part of the "you can feel free to take a centerpiece home" deal. i know, i know. luckily she had left it in her hotel room, in water and i was able to retrieve it, sans hankie sadly, but at least i was able to dry some of my flowers as a momento.
and for kicks here is what keith is using at the show, with a copy of an email i sent him after the wedding.
all photos rise photography, please do not reproduce without proper credit.

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  1. you look so beautiful Kristy! ( i especially love your hair) and the hops are a great touch.