Tuesday, November 23, 2010

special somethings

i'm a sentimental girl compounded by a love for antiques ( hence the draw to have our wedding in a barn filled with antiques) so choosing my something old and borrowed were not difficult tasks. we had many treasures with family history incorporated into our day.

the cake topper on our cake was the cake topper my great grandmother had on her wedding cake, it was passed down to my mother only a year or so ago and the family was thrilled to have one more wedding in the generation to reuse it.

my mom is also an antiquer. when i was little i used to love looking through her boxes of vintage broaches. when i was pondering what to do with my hair, add a flower? a little veil? i revisited her box of broaches and picked one that i thought could be used as a fascinator for flower or what have you. in the end it was used to secure my lace detail, i love how personal the embellishment was, how unique to me and special to my mom.
the bone rose earrings i wore were my moms, and i also used the same purse that she used on her wedding day AND my sister used on hers.
and my something blue? my shoes of course, from Nina, i loved them...
(all photos rise photography, please do not reproduce with out proper credit)


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