Tuesday, September 8, 2009

inspiration from around the house

There are two little spots in our new apartment I'm very happy with. It always seems to happen like that, I think it comes from my past building sets for films. I got really good at dressing a space within a limited frame and making some really nice vignettes in corners of a room. So many times I never had to create a full room, and sometimes it was just two walls of sheet rock dressed on a sound stage. I like to live in these cozy corners in the set that is our home.
If our wedding can be filled with any of the warm light, interest and simplicity that these special little spots have I will be a happy happy girl. Oh, and I'm thinking about wild flowers in water pitchers for centerpieces. I picked this queen anne's lace by the train tracks across the street, so pretty and so FREE!

1 comment:

  1. ahhh! i love it. hippy hair bands and water pitchers filled with wildflowers. that is PERFECT. can't wait to go!! xx

    (ps: i want to see your new home! these corners look lovely. as only they could, coming from you :)