Friday, September 4, 2009

more wisdom

this from one of my dearest, Sue who is 7 weeks (only 7weeks!) away from saying I Do. Love her. Love you Sue. I hope to be as wise, excited, and level headed as you are after another full year of this wedding madness.

"'s so easy to get caught up in those blogs. honestly, i've really cut back lately. i'll sign in to blogger, update my own, read my friends and ration how much wedding reading i do. it's so true. unless you're hell bent on getting yourself featured as a real wedding on Style Me Pretty, who gives a crap if your paper items keep a theme, if your fonts are a-may-zing, if your flower containers are extremely clever, if your dress is super fancy ;), if every element of the day is DIY, designer or totally never-been-done-before. FUCK THAT!

i just want to have fun and not have any family members complain about anything. and i want really good tunes and i want lots of pictures and film and cupcakes and salsa and guacamole...

it is not a photoshoot. and it's not a competition for a blog. phew."

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