Tuesday, October 20, 2009

dress dilemma

im sure im not the first, but i am having some major post purchase dress stress. like wake up in the morning and think "did i really just have a dream about a wedding dress?" stress. i really dont think im a bridezilla, and im not a fashionista or a clothes hound or anything. im a pretty normal jeans and t-shirt wearing girl.

so, when i started dress shopping i did what most blog obsessed bride to be's do. I found the dresses i've been drooling over on line in a few boutiques, tried them on and quickly discovered that the ones i thought i loved didn't work for me. with that out of the way i could try on freely without any expectations. I discovered early on that, one - all bridal gowns are beautiful and therefore look beautiful on, and two - there is a lot more bling on everything than it looks like through the computer monitor.

Anywho after a few boutiques, lots of dresses, and very few in the maybe pile Mom and I headed to David's to make some major progress in the hunt. I tried on at least a dozen, and in the midst it happened. A dress that I pulled from a section other than the one i was searching in, just because i likes the detail, made me feel beautiful. I found myself dancing up and down the corridor of mirrors, imagining the flowy gown against the green fields of the farm where our wedding is going to be. It wasn't what i was looking for, it isnt what i expected and I don't have any idea if it is "me."

It's a preview gown so I can't find any photos to obsess over on the web, and to top it all off i feel like i am being constantly judged by other friends who are getting married with unlimited budgets and are having couture one of a kind gowns made just for them. It makes me want to cry, it makes me feel like David's is a dirty word,and more than anything, second guess my dress.

Is it just because it isn't what i expected? Why am i having such a hard time with this? Whenever i put it on i'm a happy girl- does everyone second guess?


  1. Opinions are great at times and not so great at others. And you'll find (if you haven't already) that people have opinions about the oddest things. Particularly things that have nothing to do with them :)
    That said, I think the key here is that YOU feel beautiful in the dress. Can you picture walking down the aisle to your fiance in the dress? If not then thats when you need to rethink it. There are sooooo many options out there that it's definitely difficult to make a decision without second guessing yourself. I think the key though is in how it makes you feel. Hope this helps! Let us know what you decide

  2. Chocolate Lover is right, opinions can be bad. You feel gorgeous in it, and you can imagine it against the green of the farm...sounds like you know what you want. Don't let those crazy dress budgets get you down...David's isn't a dirty word at all! Making your friends feel poorly because you have something they don't is crappy. Keep your chin up and do what's right for you!

  3. thanks ladies! youre right. i think this is one decision where i need to put the blinders on and stop paying attention to what others are doing - and stop looking at pictures of other dresses! ha! I know im a victim of my own wedding blog habits and just as it can make some things easier and be endless inspiration, in this case, when i have my dress picked out already, its only meaning confusion. I will of course keep you posted!

  4. I was going to post about this in the next couple weeks. I love my gown (check it out on my blog) but am totally having second thoughts about it now because there is always something new and different that comes out in the wedding industry. I keep wondering if it is bigger than I really want (I always wanted a big princess gown type dress that is still modern and such). I never wanted a super slim fitting gown, that's for sure...but now I think I could have scaled it back a bit...and I wonder if my fiance will hate it! (UGH) So scary. Everyone who has seen the dress or pics of it says it's gorgeous and I am hoping that when I put it back on for the alterations in January I will fall in love with it all over again. But I totally relate (kind of) about having doubts...it sucks! I still love the gown regardless...it has everything I wanted that I described before I even found it. :)

  5. I TOTALLY second guessed my dress, and third guess, and fourth.... I had a melt down about twenty minutes after I put down the deposit!

    Just keep going back to that moment when you first put it on and you felt beautiful. You made the right decision.

    I with they had David's in Australia - I would have totally bought my dress there.

    Stop by and say hi sometime soon!