Monday, December 28, 2009

love is a battlefield

maybe not, but why does wedding planning seem like a war sometimes? you win over one territory but before you have time to celebrate the opposition has stolen all of your provisions. at least that's how i'm feeling today. we're deep into the not so fun parts of planning at the moment, meaning we're working on the items that we need just to have the party function, but they aren't necessarily fun or pretty or personal items.
(images via Sperry)
today we finalized our tent decision, the long, arduous tent decision. this has been one of the biggest hurdles for us for a few reasons - the cost, the vendor, and the flooring. some of our original tent quotes were more than half of our entire wedding budget, and to add to it we need to pay to have a full floor installed (not on the top of my list, but a must have item for one of our parents, considering we're getting married in a field, women in heels, etc etc.)

"but we can't afford that" "well thats how much it costs" "but i'm the third of 3 to get married and i have a certain budget" "well it's going to cost more" "but we dont have more" "well thats what it costs"

this entire process has contributed to more than a few tears im ashamed to admit, and this conversation of we can't afford it but we have to pay it has happened on far too many occassions. eventually we found a vendor with an option in our price range, but the floor was either green rubber or carpet and INSANELY expensive and labor intensive (especially when considering forfeiting aesthetics.)

(images via Sperry)
to our delight planning a wedding at the same time as my future sister in law has worked to our advantage in a big way. after putting them in the not-in-our-wildest-dreams pile Sperry Tent contacted us to let us know that they would like to do our wedding and keep it in the family (since they are doing the other wedding) and that they would make it work for us and our budgetary constraints. with some cross family support and the help of the amazing staff at Sperry we will be having a gorgeous sail cloth tent with a full floor at our wedding. though i'd love to go alfresco - these tents really are gorgeous, the poles are an elegant teak, and the light in the sails really glow when the sun goes down.

success? yes. then whats the problem?

well,in working through this item the topic of restrooms came up.we have reserved 2 'executive portapottys' (portapotties with running water) for what we feel is a bargain, an essential, and something we know we need to have. a few hundred bucks for 2 and we put it in our past - so we thought.

now our decision is being challenged in favor of a bathroom trailer with electricity but for an extra almost $1500. can it really be worth it? what do you ladies think? i dont know if we can find the money for it in the first place, but even if we could - doesnt that seem like a lot for a potty? or is it worth it to make sure our guests are comfortable through out the event? i keep thinking my friends won't care, but will my grandma? i hate to admit it but she might.


  1. OMG, I am so sorry. I know what a frustration it is to realize how ridiculously priced some things are when it comes to rentals. It makes you think you should have gone with the traditional all inclusive hotel ballroom. But both you and I know that would never suffice for us :) I'm so excited the tent thing worked out for you. Sounds like you got a great deal and what an offer from that company! But the potty situation...hmph. I have no advice that I think is right or wrong. On one hand, I can't even justify spending $1500 of your already tight budget on a bathroom! Goodness gracious! On the other hand, I know that there are some guests who might find it inconvenient (or gross in their opinion) to not have a bathroom with electricity and what not. Honestly, I say go with your gut. Your guests should understand you are on a tight budget and having your wedding in a field with a beautiful tent should help them realize that an executive port-a-potty is plenty for your event. I don't think I would spend the extra $1500 if it were me. But I am sure you are getting lots of pressure from someone or you wouldn't even be struggling over this. Ultimately, I would much prefer to put an extra $1500 into the flowers than a potty. They'll only be in there for a matter of minutes whereas they'll be in that pretty tent for the majority of the event. Focus on what's truly important. In all honesty, the men won't use those things know they'll be behind a tree somewhere in that field! (wink, wink)

  2. I am super excited that the tent worked out for you! Good things come to good people :). It sounds like the executive portapottys are pretty nice, with running water. I mean, how different is the trailer that the extra 1500 is warranted? If it were me, I'd say the executive portapottys were sufficient, do a kick ass bathroom basket and skip the trailer.

  3. Aww, I know exactly what are you going through! I'm planning my June wedding right now.

    I personally think you should dump the trailer and stick to the Executive portapottys.

    Good luck! I will be following!

    Happy New Year :-)

  4. woo hoo! fancy port-a-loos! i love that idea. screw the trailer! it's not like it'll look like a music festival in those potties. i love the bathroom basket idea! i think you could actually have a lot of fun doing them up and having a sense of humor about them. save that money! $1500 - that's just crazy talk!!!

    love ya.