Monday, January 4, 2010

do you miss it?

this holiday season, filled with a few new engagements close to us, and the new year - filled with reflection - had me thinking about where i was at this point last year, as im sure most do.

last christmas mike and i went on a sailing trip with some friends to the british virgin islands. one of the first nights, (after jumping off the willy t,) mike asked me to take a walk with him on the beach away from our friends. the moon and the christmas lights lining the masts of the sailboats in the cove were the only lights we saw - i was sure - this is it. my heart beat out of my chest as we reached the end of the beach hand in hand, live reggae in the distance. we paused, took in our surroundings, shared a kiss, and then - walked back. that's it?

this time a year ago the suspense was killing me! this was one of many moments i thought we're going to be the big one where he popped the question. everytime we had a date night dinner, i secretly looked extra nice just in case, found myself primping a little more than often, and keeping my eyes open for clues.

the anticipation of a proposal was so intense that i have to say, as i reminisced this new years, i kinda miss that time. the excitement of knowing it was coming but not when, the guess work, the girl talk the surrounded it. am i nuts? maybe just a glutton for punishment? do any of you bride to be's miss it?


  1. I certainly don't miss was too much being on edge for me! And when it did actually happen, it was Marathon Monday and I was wearing marathon-spectating clothes and nothing nice. But in the long run, it didn't matter to us anyway!

  2. I never really went through that phase. I knew that we were getting to a point in our relationship where if he didn't propose or at least start talking about marriage soon (it had been almost 5 years!) then I was going to be giving him his walking papers :) But right when I started feeling that way, he suddenly started talking about planning a wedding. Then the next thing I knew, he wanted to take me shopping to look at rings. And then a few weeks later he proposed on Christmas Day. I knew he would be proposing soon but didn't really think about 'when' it might happen.

    What I *DO* miss is the sweet times in the years leading up to the engagement where whenever we would walk by a jewelry store window he'd stop and ask me what rings I liked. :) I knew that meant he was thinking long term with me which was always so romantic.

  3. I'm in that situation right now... AHHHH!!!

  4. I didn't really go through that phase either. Our engagement was a complete surprise to me (a good surprise). I do like looking back at how we fell in love though :)

  5. I feel you - I actually had not been anticipating it and it was a surprise but somehow I knew that moment was it. We were standing at a lookout point over the Gorge in Washington and he said he had to change his camera battery and walked back to the car. For some reason as I was looking out at Mt. Hood I felt weak, flushed and thinking "I'm hungover and look like shit" and he is going to ask me to marry him! When he came back from the car he popped the question - I can't tell you how I knew but I just felt it. Since I had that feeling I would have probably been a little disappointed he hadn't done it then b/c my heart was beating out of my chest.

  6. I'm going through it right now, friends tell me to "enjoy it, cause you'll miss it". I don't see how I can miss it, it's kind of stressful to have your friends and family hounding you for when its going to happen when you have no control over that