Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sketching it out

look at me all motivated and getting things done today! i owe it all to the sun finally coming out over the streets of boston.

i finally scanned some of the sketches i have been sitting on, i don't know what it is but i hate scanning - i always always procrastinate doing it until the last possible moment - if it wasn't for a homework assignment these little scratches might have stayed in my notebook forever.

the first is just a doodle i made waiting for mike to get off of work late one night at his bar. i was early on in the inspiration design phase and i had to get my ideas out to take a look, even if only on the back of a receipt. i dont know why but i really like this little mess so i've held onto it.

thanks to the paper source for the heads up on their new kraft paper lines (finally!) i spent this afternoon purchasing a lot of the stock for our invitations, even though i dont have the designs completely finished it feels so good to have the paper purchased - out of the planning phase and moving into the making stages and one less thing i need to get done at some point.

i'm sorry i dont have any actual designs to share with you for feedback yet but i do have my initial sketches for you and i have pretty much stuck to it. i decided on (i admit with the help of a paper source staffer) kraft paper envelopes for the invitation and the response cards, ivory enclosure; invitation (with perhaps a kraft backing;) and response card stock, all to be tied up with some natural twine or raffia. it sounds bland when i write it out but with gray type and orange/peach accents i think it will be neutral and natural looking and hopefully not bland at all.

...next up i am going to take a stab at drawing that map...


  1. Can't wait to see what they look like once they are all done!

  2. Hanging out to see the final product!