Thursday, March 25, 2010

the dress

i finally took some photos of myself in the dress so i could share them with my LA girlfriend and shopping buddy. she is going to help me on my shoe hunt. i was afraid to share with her but did so i thought i'd suck it up and share with you all as well.

since i've had such dress anxiety i'm a little terrified about putting it out there, like if it's not good and i dont show anyone until the day of the wedding they wont have any way to tell me they dont like it until after when it wont matter anymore. crazy i know.

that being said, i'd love to hear what you think...( but really only if you think it's pretty and i'm nuts, i can't handle any negative feedback!)

they are hidden here:


  1. Your dress is so romantic! And I couldn't even see all the details in the pics! I think you will be a gorgeous bride!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics!