Saturday, May 8, 2010

...and songs

can you tell i've been hashing out the ceremony details lately? i'm telling you it's from removing the dress remorse road block!

well, i knew what i wanted to walk down the aisle too for a long time, and mike chose what he wanted for the recessional months ago, but we didnt know what to do for when the girls and moms walked down the aisle. i thought we didnt need to pick anything at all and that our pre-processional mix could just fade into my song, but we've been thinking about having a bit more control lately (could just be another symptom of being engaged FOREVER.)

there are so many sappy love songs we have on the long list to sort through, Forever from Ben Harper, Do You Remember from Jack Johnson, Grow Old Along with Me from John and Yoko, but this week it hit me (ok maybe it was on the drive home while on my dress high). i dont want a sappy tear jerker of a love song as an entrance to my marriage i want a celebration of love and happiness, because that is how i feel when i think about marrying mike. i think about shouting from the top of Mullholand Drive, spinning with my arms out looking at the stars and laughing so hard i end up in a ball on the floor, overflowing with joy. which is why i am starting to lean towards All You Need is Love rather than any in the current pile.

am i going overboard with the "special songs?" have you chosen all of your songs?