Monday, May 3, 2010

a tale of serendipity and persuasion

do I have a story to tell...

this weekend my girlfriend andrea who lives in LA was in New York and it happened to be her 30th birthday so i made the trip into the city to see her and attend her party saturday night.

well, saturday morning before i hopped in the car for the 4 hour drive i caught up on my wedding blogs and while doing so stopped by Green Wedding Shoes as I hadn't been there all week. well, when i saw this post about the new bridal boutique called Lovely in new york that carries some of the most drool worthy designers of the web and etsy i found myself back at designer Elizabeth Dye's blog longing for a dress i have been trying not to think about for months now.

I reread the comment i posted in january on the persuasion dress (see link for photo, not posting to save mike from peeking!) while meditating on the fact that i still feel the same way about my gown and this dress.

cut to a 4 hour car ride alone to new york. i keep thinking about this dress. "forget it, i should just order it, i wont not like it will i? but no, it's a lot of money to send out over the internet because of a pretty picture and i already have a dress that is just fine. but wait, i am actually on my way to new york at the moment, new york where less than 3 weeks ago a boutique that might have the dress in the store opened."

i call mike. "sweetie, i think i might buy a new dress." i thought you have a dress. "i do but i've been thinking about this one dress and i really love it and it's simpler and more natural and more handmade feeling than the dress i have and there is a store in new york that might have it so i might be able to try it on tomorrow before i come home." can you afford it "well it's more than the dress i have but it's affordable" well go try it on and see honey, do what you want.

ok. im going to see where the store is, if it's in brooklyn or something that i can't get to easily i'll forget it but if it's close i'll stop by. i wonder what andrea is doing tomorrow?

when i get to the city and the place i am crashing in soho i break the news to andrea who is available to shop on sunday and helps me find out where the store is, is it open? is it near by? do they have the gown in store? can i walk in? it's only blocks away - holy cow. it's open - holy cow. i call and leave a message to see if they have the gown and i can walk in - no return phone call.

after an amazing roof top patio birthday celebration and a morning after hangover brunch in the meat packing district andrea and i walk the 4 blocks (yes only 4 blocks, in a city as big as new york how is it possible it's only 4 blocks away!) to Lovely.
we walk into the darling enchanted garden level storefront into an oasis of handmade bridal bliss and are greeted by Lanie, the owner. i tell her that i don't have an appointment but i'm only in town for the day and just want to try on one gown. she had received my message and tried to return my call but got the number wrong and with a smile brings me only feet to see my persuasion hanging peacefully from the exposed pipe fixture that is the quaint and stylish garment rack. in front of it hangs so many of the other beauties i had seen only on webpages, sarah seven gowns, oh my - they are even more beautiful in person.

with a smile Lanie brings us up to get me into the gown as i retell my story of the gown i've been questioning, the trip to new york and the notion of being compelled to try the dress to either get it out of my mind or confirm that it might be the one for me. vintage luggage and birch branches complete the perfect ambiance of the space and i'm glowing just being there.

the dress is on and its perfect. all of those opinions i had about "the one" not existing when it comes to a piece of clothing disappear, it was all because the dress i had already was not the one. i feel like myself but beautiful, i look tall and thin and pretty. my girlfriend karina is en route so Lanie lets us hang out while she measures me and i make a phone call to my mom. i was afraid of hurting her feelings, afraid she would think i'm nuts or spoiled - and she probably does - and afraid about spending the money, but she says all of the things i could only hope for - it's your day, you're the bride, you should have what you want, my feelings aren't hurt we got the other dress because you loved it not me. i tell her that the dress is similar to the one i have but without the embellishment and without the fullness in the skirt, i feel like myself in a beautiful dress and in the other one i feel like i am dressing up in a bride costume. i have the ok as karina walks into the room.

Lanie comes back and celebrates with me about the understanding of my mom - she is so genuine. dress comes back on, karina and andrea agree it's perfect. i mention a flower in my hair and Lanie magically produces beautiful accessories from lo boheme and for me to try - again - these puppies are more beautiful in person. the quality of each is really impressive - they are all over the web for a reason and i can't get over the concept of this magical place i'm in where all of these digital dreams materialize.

so that's it - long long long story short - i have a new dress. two of my closest girlfriends got to be there with me for the experience. and i am revitalized and so excited to get married again, i didnt realize it but the anxiety about my gown was wearing on my whole bridal experience - the anticipation had turned into anxiety and i had thoughts such as "oh well, if i dont look good at least no one will tell me to my face because i'm the bride" i feel like i've exhaled. and i can't help but RAVE about Lovely anyone in new england who has ever thought about one of the designers they have but was hesitant because of not being able to see it in person - pack up the car and make the journey it is absolutely worth seeing these beautiful pieces in person.

here she is for those who'd like to see MIKE NO PEEKING:


  1. Oh Kristy, I am so thrilled for you that you found something you are so happy in!

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaay! email me pictures??? i feel emotional! xx

  3. yay! I love it when things turn out like that, you must feel wonderful now!

  4. So happy for you! Do we get a glimpse of the beauty? :)

  5. here she is:

    she's a cream color, a little more antiqued than an ivory and mine falls all of the way to the floor unlike this one that hovers a bit...aint she sweet?!

  6. It is STUNNING. So glad you got that "it's the one" moment. I so didn't have that with my dress.

    I am so excited for you!!!!1

  7. I was also persuaded into choosing the Persuasion dress :) The moment I put the dress on, I felt like a Jane Austen character from her novels. Its romantic and timeless, excellent choice!!