Monday, November 9, 2009


i'm honored to have been thought of by Miss Chocolate Lover for a blog award!this one comes from brazil, translated "your blog is super cute!" - how cute is that?

i gladly pass the love on to these super cute blogs:
you can't take it with you
with this ring i thee blog
daydreams in lace
thoughts of the all consumed bride
girl with a ring
our day by design
postcards from a concrete garden

AND i've been honored by Stacy at
You Can't Take it With You with this FAB award! so cute, Stacy has been so sweet to me - she even gave me a blush worthy shout out in her interview over on Miss Mojito's Blog. Stacy if you are in Boston for the marathon this year we better meet for a cocktail!

I don't have any more friends to spread the love to yet - but i will save it up and send it on when i do....

I do have many many obsessions though.

1. I'm obsessed with records, yep big old round things that play music.
2. I'm obsessed with mid century modern furniture, glassware and knick-knacks.
3. I'm obsessed with design, printing, and places like Hatch Show Print.
4. I'm work in advertising and therefore am currently obsessed with Mad Men.
5. I'm obsessed with Tim Burton, Baz Lhurman, and stop motion animation.

holy cow another one! It has been a very well decorated week! thanks to Jenn from Love, Life, and Laughter for this lovely blog award! I am supposed to pass it on to 7 more ladies, but i think I'll hold onto this one for a little while too, spread out the blog love.

thank you to all of my new friends, readers, and wedding empathizers!


  1. I just left you an award on my blog as well :)

  2. Aw, thanks so much for recognizing me...I am loving following your blog and look forward to much more idea sharing and support :)

  3. aww thank you! its been rather an awardy eek round here!

  4. Oooh thank you for the lovely award. Its so good to find other brides to follow!

  5. You are the best! And if you're ever in St. Louis, or hell, Chicago (I'll get on the train), then we have to get together. We won't be in Boston this year (Ryan's running a marathon in Illinois in May), but I'm hoping to be the next Boston qualifier in our little family!

  6. I left you an award on my last blog post :)