Wednesday, November 25, 2009

signs of obsession

...yep. I see them, and it's not about anything important at all. it's shoes. boy it seems even more shameful to say it out loud - but we're all being honest here, right?

here's the thing. i love blue shoes. i had this amazing pair of vintage blue peep toe pumps that i literally wore out through my twenties in LA. i still mourn them, so much so they are at this very moment sitting, unwearable, in my childhood closet at my parents house. i know, i know. i'll move on - but i need a replacement first.

needless to say, they are my model for the perfect wedding shoe, something i adore, something very me, and something that i can wear with jeans and a tank top out on the town long after my "big day" has passed.

well, after lots of hunting i found them, the color is a little different, perfect for my off white gown and rustic farm location, the embellishment is feminine and pretty enough for a wedding but not too foofy or bedazzled for every day wear AND they are on sale.

they are called 'reservations for two' sweet right? well, to my frustration this shoe was a 2008 model and i can't find it in my size anywhere! i've even contacted the manufacturer. so sad. but, at least i have a basis of comparison.

so, here comes the obsession. i find myself spending down time during the day alternating between searching for blue or teal pumps, peep-toes, shoes, and every other variation of terminology i can think to put into the browser to find a replacement or the illusive 'reservations for two.' Have any of you caught yourself doing this? Maybe for a dress or some other detail that has a hold on you?

well, today i found something that i think might work as an alternative, even from the same manufacturer (yes, maybe i was looking for the other shoe when i found it, so what!?)

what do you think? do i dare hold out and risk missing my chance to get a hold of this runner up? or will it always feel like a runner up? or really - who cares? i guess i need to stop caring, and hope in some small way getting this out to the blogosphere will help me rest.


  1. Oh thats a tough one! Its so difficult to get over such an obsession! I guess the price of the shoes plays a role too. Are they too pricey to buy and just keep as going out shoes if you do find your first choice? While it sounds like your first choice will be tough to find, I'd hate to see you actually find them and not go for them cause of budget issues. Sorry couldn't be more help.

  2. I am so with you, I google the Nina Kyleen's all the time! That 2nd pair of shoes are beautiful!

  3. I *HATE* when what you want is sold out or last years range. So frustrating!

    I'm with Chocolate lover, if they're not too pricey I'd get them (they are very cute) and then if something else comes along you could change your mind??

    P.s. Those vintage heels you speak of - any chance to resurrect them? My shoe guy is amazing at saving old shoes. May be worth a trip to your local shoe guy?

  4. I have definitely done the same thing trying to find any and all combos of search possibilities to track something down that I just had to have. Those first shoes are quite amazing so I would definitely keep up the search...have you tried a site called I have found many things on there through random web sites I didn't find through a typical google search. Also, check things like ebay and craigslist. You never know?

  5. ADORABLE SHOES!!!! I have a closet full of shoes that need repairs...mostly re-souling the heels. It kills me every time I go through my closet, only to find that all of my faves are currently out of commission.