Thursday, November 5, 2009

save the dates have landed

yep...mike and i have butterflies in our stomachs as the calls and emails of friends and family receiving their save the dates start to roll in - exciting! can't we just get married already?!

one thing that i have to admit we did, though i feel a little guilty about it, is hold back a few announcements. we have a handful of possible guests on a b-list that we are still on the fence about and decided not to send them save the dates. Is this cruel? The good news is they are all rather local so if/when they get the invitation they will have plenty of notice about the party - but what if they find out they were b-listers? i'm so afraid of hurting feelings but at the same time i am a bride on a budget and a big headcount is one thing that will for sure raise our prices.

have any of you dealt with this? any remorse? any backlash?


  1. I think its just part of the reality of wedding planning these days. We will be doing the same thing with our invitations. Wait to see if some people can't make it and then invite others. Sad but what can you do.

  2. We did the same with our save the dates - don't feel bad.

    How exciting you have your save the dates out! Kinda makes it feel official huh!?

  3. Yup, we are also a B list wedding couple and held back a couple STD's. I plan on sending out my invites about 2 1/2 months before the wedding asking for RSVP's about 5-6 weeks before the event. Then as the 'no's' roll in, we'll send out B invites. I think some of our guests know this is a possibility as we have a guest list of 300 and can only allow 200. It's just the reality of financial constraints nowadays.

  4. We are sending invitations out to immediate family, first cousins, and close friends. I have just recently heard about b-listing. I think it's a good idea.