Monday, November 23, 2009

i heart rifle design

being a design student i'm pretty set on making our invitations myself but if i could have my way - i would be able to make something as whimsical, folk art inspired, personal, and handmade as the work of Rifle Design.some of the techniques i am going to borrow from Rifle are incorporating my own handwriting into the design and not being afraid to use color. i love the use of turquoise, peaches, and browns that Anna frequently incorporates and the idea that not everything has to be on a white background, sometimes i feel like that is easy to forget!
...and - how great is this idea for a frame-able guestbook of sorts?
feel like you've heard a lot about Rifle lately? It's because the online shop opened today! go look, yes all of the stationary is going on my christmas list.


  1. I'm excited for you to design something wonderful. I love your idea of using handwritten elements. My husband and I designed our wedding invites. Here's a post about my inspiration:

  2. thank you for sharing! seeing your process has helped me think about what my next steps are for narrowing down my vision and gotten me excited!

  3. Those are lovely. I think using your own handwriting is a great way to make it personal.