Monday, November 30, 2009

window shopping inspiration

while i braved the mall crowds with my mom this weekend (the goal to find her a dress for our wedding) i couldn't help but be drawn into the Anthropology storefront. yes, i do love poking around in anthropology regardless, and their window displays are always amazing, but in my wedding planning state of mind i was totally wowed by what looked like Martha Stewart tissue paper pom poms on steroids.

i talked to one of the sales clerks and she explained that the artist built a wire armature of sorts and then proceeded to attach the pom poms, made of different weights of paper and plastic trash bags - (yes plastic bags!) to the mold with wires. she also mentioned that the idea is for the sculpture to continue to grow into the store and outside of the storefront into the mall itself. so cool. I thought this would be a great way to incorporate the pom pom concept into your wedding in a slightly different way. wouldn't a wall of this amazing texture be a great ceremony backdrop? or photobooth backdrop?

I was also pleasantly surprised to see this fun take on vintage keys as decorations (looks like my escort cards, doesn't it?!) it made me so excited about the possibilities of my final key card product, so cute.

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  1. Those pom poms look amazing! And that key wall looks fab. You're just a trend setter!