Friday, November 6, 2009

bad bridesmaid dresses

I'm in a bit of a goofy mood, and i happen to be bridesmaid dress shopping for Mike's sister's wedding tomorrow morning so i thought, let's enjoy some of the worst of the worst.

I have to say I've been lucky in the bridesmaid dress department for the most part (aside from wearing butter yellow, it wasn't the dress it was a color anyone would have struggled to pull off, especially a blondie with translucent skin like me.) So here's to making it through the wedding years without too many bad bridesmaid dresses.
My mom's girls wore something very close to the blue one on the left, floppy hat and all, though it's vintage enough I kinda like it again.

This one could be Kelly Kapowski's prom dress.
shiny+ crinkly= amazing

how do you solve a problem like maria?

thanks to for the inspiration and the laughs.


  1. Wow wow wow!!! I so hope when my granddaughters look back on my bridesmaid dresses they don't look HALF as bad as this!!!

  2. This is crazy, What were they thinking on the 3rd and 4th pictures??

  3. LOL too freaking funny! I will have to dig my mom's old wedding pics out and show the same style floppy hats from her special day :) I myself also had to wear a bridesmaid dress that though not awful, was just so boring, unflattering and not pretty. They were so long, we were tripping on them to get up the stairs to the altar.

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